What is Position View?

Position View is a feature in the Bluecrew app that allows you to compare multiple positions, explore a variety of companies, and select a job that fits your preferences. You can click into the position to scroll through different scheduling opportunities available for the selected position, enabling you to make a decision while comparing all the scheduling possibilities.

What does it mean to have +XX more schedules? How do I see these schedules?

This means there are multiple schedules available for this job, click on the job title to see the different schedules available for this position.

What does it mean when there is an “up to $XX” on the position?

This means one of the schedules is offering additional pay. If you no longer see this on the Find Work page, that schedule is filled. You can browse for jobs using the Find Work page in your app.

How do I switch between Map View and List View?

You can switch between view options by tapping the “Map” or “List” button on the top right of your screen.

How do I select a schedule for a position?

After you click into the position, you can swipe right or left to view different schedules available (or click the right/left arrow on your computer). To select the schedule, click onto the schedule and then click “Get this job”. We will ask you to confirm the schedule before you can complete the next step.

What happens if I click not for me?

Depending on your reason, we will remove the schedule or position from your Find Work page since you indicated.

  • Schedule won’t work/Wage won’t work - We will remove the selected schedule, but you can continue to view and select other positions for this job.

  • Company, Location, Type of Work - We will remove this position from the Find Work page, you can continue to view other jobs in your area.

Why don't I see any jobs in my area?

Jobs can be competitive and fill quickly. Postings vary depending on the needs of the employers at any given time.

We recommend that you keep your phone notifications on in order to see new opportunities when they are first posted, and have the best chance of getting a spot. To browse for jobs, open the Bluecrew app, click on Dashboard, then click "More Jobs" to get to the "Find Work" area of the app to see all available jobs in your area.

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