What is Map View?

Map View is a feature in the Bluecrew app that allows you browse for jobs in your area through an interactive map. This map allows you to see the general location of the job, the wage, schedule, and number of shifts available. Map View allows you to zoom in or out, scroll left or right on the jobs displayed, and tap on a pinned location to view the job listed at that site.

What do the badges mean?

Several badges describe job types, while others provide additional information on each job:

  • Instant Hire - This job can be selected for immediate hire with no additional steps required after onboarding.

  • Reviewing Applications - The job’s hiring manager will review profiles of crew members to find the best fit for the job. If you are selected, you’ll be offered the position.

  • Join the Waitlist - All available positions for this job are filled, and you can add yourself to the waitlist. If someone cancels or is not able to make it, you may be offered the position.

  • Direct Invite - You have received a Direct Invite to this job, which means the company likes you and requests for you to come back. A Direct Invite expires after 6 hours, so be sure to accept quickly if you’re interested!

  • Just Posted - A newly listed job that has been posted in the last 6 hours.

  • Starting in X Hours - This job will be starting soon, in the time displayed. Act quickly to get this job!

  • Vaccination Required - The job can only be filled by Crew Members who have provided Proof of Vaccination in the Bluecrew app. Please note that on List View and the job description preview, these jobs are indicated by the following icon:

How do I switch between Map View and List View?

You can switch between view options by tapping the “Map” or “List” button on the top right of your screen:

Do Map View and List View show the same jobs?

Yes, both views show the same jobs. Toggle between the two views according to your preference.

Map View is taking a long time to load.

If you experience a delay while browsing the Map View, this is usually due to a high number of job postings in your area. If you prefer not to wait for the map to update, switch to List View to see the same postings without the map.

How do I reset my Job Preferences in either view?

Tap the Preferences button on List view or Map view. This option will enable you to sort job postings according to your preferences, including pay, proximity, start date, shifts, and job type.

Why don't I see any jobs in my area?

Jobs can be competitive and fill quickly. Postings vary depending on the needs of the employers at any given time.

We recommend that you keep your phone notifications on in order to see new opportunities when they are first posted, and have the best chance of getting a spot. Check the "Find Work" area of the app to see all available listings.

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