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T-Mobile Welcome Guide
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Welcome to T-Mobile

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Bluecrew wireless benefit program. You will be receiving a SIM card from T-Mobile in 2-3 weeks to use with this program. A SIM card is a small plastic card with an embedded microchip that’s inserted into a cell phone to tell the phone what its phone number is and what wireless carrier to connect to.

The following welcome guide will go into more details about what your next steps are after receiving that SIM card, but here’s what you need to know to get started.

  • You are responsible for providing your own phone for this program. This can either be the phone you already have, assuming it meets the requirements to be used with T-Mobile service, or you can purchase a phone directly from Apple, Samsung, or Google.

  • You can either use your existing phone number by transferring it to the Bluecrew account, or receive a new T-Mobile phone number. The welcome guide explains each option.

  • When your SIM card ships you will receive a notification from UPS with a tracking number and an estimated delivery date. Should you need more information about the shipment, call UPS Customer Service at 800-742-5877.

■ I’d like a new phone number to use with this program:

Once you receive your SIM card, simply insert the card into your compatible device. Once you confirm your new number is active, please update your Bluecrew profile with your phone number. To do this, navigate to the Account tab in the app, and click the pencil icon to update your number.

If you own a phone or have purchased a phone for use with this program, please visit to confirm your existing phone is compatible with the T-Mobile network. The SIM card in this package has a phone number printed on it. Simply install that SIM card in your phone and you can begin using it with the number assigned to that SIM card. Please review the FAQ at the end of this document for more information about installing the SIM card.

■ I’m a current T-Mobile customer and would like to move my line to the Bluecrew wireless benefit program:

You won’t receive a SIM card because you’ll be using your existing phone and SIM. If you have any device payments remaining on your phone, you will need to pay the remaining balance due on your final bill, along with a partial month of service.

Please contact T-Mobile Consumer Care by dialing 611 from your T-Mobile phone or 1-800-937-8997 and ask for your account to be noted that you authorize a Change of Responsibility for your number to be moved to the Bluecrew business account.

Once you’ve done that contact and ask to have your number moved to the Bluecrew account.

■ I’d like to move my number from another wireless provider (Verizon, AT&T, etc):

There are some important steps to review before moving your number from another wireless provider. It’s crucial that you verify that your phone is compatible with T-Mobile service and that you have accurate account information before requesting a number transfer. Please note: we are unable to transfer landline or VOIP numbers as part of this program.


You will need to do the following prior to transferring your number:

  • Contact your current wireless provider and confirm the following items:

  1. You have no remaining payments on your phone and it’s unlocked and available for use on another wireless provider

  2. You are not under a contract that will charge an early termination fee if you move to another provider

  3. You do not have a “port block” feature on your mobile number

  4. You’ve confirmed your account number and PIN on your existing account

  • Visit to confirm your existing phone is compatible with the T-Mobile network

  • Listen to all your voicemails and jot down any important messages – you will lose all voicemails once the number has ported.

  • Ensure you have a recent backup of your information on the device (iPhone and Samsung)

  • Ensure you know the Apple ID and Password (iOS) or Gmail (Android) logins in case you are prompted to re-enter these credentials during setup.

  • Device Set-Up: Utilize a paper clip or SIM pin to remove your any SIM card from the device and insert the new T-Mobile SIM in the device (See FAQ) before the port to confirm that the device is unlocked - confirm it shows T-Mobile or network bars in the upper right-hand corner (if not, restart device). Please let us know if it says, “no network” or “SIM error”.


Visit this web site to complete the number transfer form:

  1. Number transfers are processed Monday – Friday overnight to minimize any impact to your day-to-day use. Requests received prior to 4pm CST will be scheduled to transfer overnight that night. Requests received after 4pm CST will be scheduled to transfer overnight the following night. Requests received after 4pm CST on Fridays will be scheduled to transfer overnight the following Monday.

  2. Once the transfer is completed, you will receive a text message to your phone welcoming you to T-Mobile. (Example Text: “Welcome to T-Mobile For Business…”)

  3. Turn off the wifi on your phone and power your new phone off & then back on once you receive the text message.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A quick guide to your new T-Mobile Service

Note: You will also receive a paper copy of this information in the package with your new SIM card.

If I need a new phone, where can I buy a T-Mobile compatible device?

Apple, Samsung and Google all offer phones directly on their respective web stores that are 100% compatible with the T-Mobile network. During device selection or checkout you may be asked to choose T-Mobile as a carrier, otherwise select “unlocked”

If you don’t buy directly from one of these web stores, you can use iPhone model 11 or newer, Samsung Galaxy 9 or newer, as long as the phone is unlocked and you verify with the T-Mobile Bring Your Own checker:

What should I be aware of during the number transfer process?

  1. Your sim card/or phone is active with a temporary number until the number transfer is completed.

  2. You will be able to make or receive calls using the temporary number while waiting for your number transfer to complete. (You will not receive calls for your original number on the new phone until the number transfer has been completed.)

  3. If you need to call 911 or any other emergency services while the number transfer is in process, please stay on the line as they may not be able to call you back if the call is disconnected.

How do I remove the SIM card from my device and replace

  1. Samsung/Android - (SIM tray location may vary depending on model)

How do I transfer my information if I am switching to a new device?

Please charge and set-up your new device and restore your saved data as follows:

Samsung/Android device - Using Samsung Smart Switch:

iPhone device -Using Apple Quick Transfer:

I have additional questions not addressed here

You can contact for assistance

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