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Complimentary Mobile Plan FAQs
Complimentary Mobile Plan FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the T-Mobile complimentary mobile plan benefit.

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Full terms and conditions can be accessed any time at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do Bluecrew Crew Members become eligible for the complimentary mobile benefit?

    • Crew Members must work at least 10 shifts in the prior calendar month and be in good standing. You must work 10 shifts every calendar month to maintain access to the complimentary mobile plan.

    • You may review the full terms and conditions of the mobile benefit at

  2. Can I add my family to this plan?

    • Bluecrew is not currently offering multiple lines to this benefit.

  3. Who can I contact if I want to dispute my eligibility?

    • To dispute your eligibility, contact Bluecrew support in the Bluecrew App.

  4. What if there are not 10 shifts available for me to work within 30 days?

    • In order to become eligible for the T-Mobile benefit, you must work 10 shifts within the previous month.

  5. What if I signed up for a shift but it was canceled before I could work it?

    • In order for a shift to count towards your eligibility, you must work the shift you signed up for. If a shift was canceled, you will need to sign up for and complete a replacement shift for it to count towards your eligibility.

  6. Does this benefit provide a complimentary cell phone or other device?

    • No, the benefit includes T-Mobile talk/text/5G data and a 5G hotspot.

  7. If I need a new phone, where can I buy a T-Mobile compatible device?

    • Apple, Samsung and Google all offer phones directly on their respective web stores that are 100% compatible with the T-Mobile network. During device selection or checkout you may be asked to choose T-Mobile as a carrier, otherwise select “unlocked”

    • If you don’t buy directly from one of these web stores, you can use iPhone model 11 or newer, Samsung Galaxy 9 or newer, as long as the phone is unlocked and you verify with the T-Mobile Bring Your Own checker:

  8. Can I use a digital tablet for this benefit?

    • No. Since the sim card is a voice sim card, it will not work in tablets (i.e. iPad, iPad mini, Fire Tablet, etc.).

  9. Can I use an old phone for this benefit?

    • Yes. As long as the phone is a compatible T-Moble device that can run the Bluecrew App. If the phone was previously used with a carrier other than T-Mobile, you will need to contact that carrier to unlock the device.

  10. How do I update my phone number in my Bluecrew Profile?

    • Select ‘Account’ from the menu drop on on the top left of the home screen and then select the pencil next to your phone number to edit it.

  11. How long do I have to fill out the enrollment form?

    • You will have 7 days to submit your enrollment form. If you do not submit this form within 7 days of receiving your eligibility notice, you will have another opportunity to enroll the following month if you remain eligible.

  12. Can I use a P.O. box mailing address for my sim card delivery?

    • No, UPS will not deliver to a P.O. box address.

  13. Can I use my existing number as part of this benefit?

    • Yes, however, this will require additional steps to coordinate. You will receive instructions on how to retain your phone number if desired once you opt-in to the benefit. The same instructions can also be found here.

  14. What should I be aware of during the number transfer process?

    • Your sim card/or phone is active with a temporary number until the number transfer is completed.

    • You will be able to make or receive calls using the temporary number while waiting for your number transfer to complete. (You will not receive calls for your original number on the new phone until the number transfer has been completed.)

    • If you need to call 911 or any other emergency services while the number transfer is in process, please stay on the line as they may not be able to call you back if the call is disconnected.

  15. What if I don’t know my Apple ID or password?

    • If you have forgotten one or both you can find additional support information here: or dial 1-800-275-2273 to speak with someone from Apple.

  16. What if I don’t know my Gmail or password?

    1. If you have forgotten one or both you can find additional support information here:

  17. What does the SIM card look like and which size am I using?

    • Both iPhones and Samsung devices use the smallest size (Nano) SIM

  18. How do I remove the SIM card from my device and replace it with the new one?

  19. How do I transfer my information if I am switching to a new device?

  20. How do I set up my voicemail after my number is ported?

    • Your T-Mobile service includes Voice Mail. You may personalize your voice mailbox with your own greeting. To do this you will need to press the #1 key for a few seconds.

    • Listen to the voice prompts from the system.

    • If prompted to enter your temporary password, enter the last 4 digits of your mobile number

    • Set up a new password when prompted.

    • Follow the prompts to set up your voice mail as you wish.

      • To ensure that voicemail is fully set up you must listen to the entire voicemail set up.

      • When this is completed the automated set up instructor will ask if you want to return to the voicemail box, select this option, make sure to return to the regular voicemail. Set up is now complete and you may hang up.

    • If ever needed you can reset the voicemail password from the dialer by pressing #793# which will default to the last 4 digits of the active phone number on the device.

    • If you need additional assistance with voicemail, please review our help page:

  21. My number has been transferred but my phone & texts are showing a number I don’t recognize on my iPhone, what do I do?

    • iPhone has a known issue that after existing users utilize another carriers SIM and port their number, it still shows the temporary number originally activated on the SIM in both iMessage and Facetime. Follow these steps to fix this issue:

      1. Turn off wifi

      2. Go into the settings and scroll down to “Phone”

      3. Tap “My Number”

      4. Enter your phone number

      5. Press “Save” on the top right

      6. Restart your device

    • If this issue persists, make sure wifi is still off, toggle Facetime and iMessage off, repeat the steps above, then restart your phone.

  22. I received a new device and I’m not sure how to work it, what should I do?

    • T-Mobile has a robust support page that includes step-by-step device tutorials (with images), quick start guides, device manuals, troubleshooting topics, device specs, how-to, and much more!

      1. Search by the device name to get started or enter the topic in the “search” space at the top.

  23. My device is not a T-Mobile device, should I update any of the settings?

    • If your device was not purchased from T-Mobile, you may need to update the APN settings that tell your phone how to connect to the T-Mobile network. Here are the instructions to view and update:

  24. I have additional questions not addressed here:

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