How to Request a Day Off

Canceling a shift from your schedule without canceling an entire assignment.

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I'm on an assignment with multiple shifts. How can I request a shift off without canceling the entire job?

Here are the steps to follow if you need to request a day off. If you would like to use available sick hours, please contact Support directly to help process your absence and request. See additional details regarding Sick Leave here.

To request a shift off without canceling the entire assignment, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Bluecrew app.* From the Dashboard menu, select Schedule.

  2. Select the shift you would like to request off.

  3. On the shift details, scroll to the bottom and select Request this shift off.

Once you confirm that you are requesting a single shift off, you will be prompted to select the reason.

If your shift has been excused successfully, you will receive a confirmation message. If you have SMS notifications enabled, you will also receive a confirmation via text.

The excused shift will be indicated in your schedule as a day off.

Please note: Requests for a shift off must be made more than 12 hours before the shift begins. Requests made fewer than 12 hours before the shift begins are considered Short-Notice Cancellations. Three (3) or more Short-Notice Cancellations may result in termination from Bluecrew.

How do I request to be excused from multiple shifts without canceling the job?

To request to be excused from multiple shifts, please follow the steps outlined above for all of the days needed. When completed, you will see all excused and scheduled shifts in your Schedule tab.

What is the difference between requesting a day off and canceling an assignment?

Requesting a day off will excuse you from a specific shift of an assignment. For the scheduled shifts that remain on your schedule, you will be expected on the job.

Canceling an assignment will remove all shifts for that job from your schedule.

For more details, please see this article in our Help Center:

Please note that some workplaces do not allow Crew Members to miss the first day of a shift, due to training may occur on that day. In these cases, the first shift cannot be excused, and you will be prompted to cancel the entire assignment.

*If you do not see the ability to cancel a shift as shown in this article, please update your Bluecrew app to the latest version.

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