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Browsing for jobs using Find Work
Browsing for jobs using Find Work

Find a job that fits your schedule and preferences.

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Browsing for jobs using Find Work

Crew Members can browse for jobs available in their area using the Find Work page. To get started, open your Bluecrew app and click on the menu icon on the top left and click on Find Work.

On the Find Work page, you can view the jobs available in your area, explore a variety of companies, and select a job that fits your preference. You can click into the position and scroll through different scheduling opportunities available and decide which schedule works best.

What does a “fixed schedule” assignment type mean?

Fixed schedules require a commitment to work all of the shifts within the schedule. When a job has a fixed schedule, you will see the total number of shifts for that assignment, and the card will be gray.

When you sign up for a fixed schedule, the Workplace is expecting you to work all of the shifts needed for that schedule

What does a “flexible schedule” assignment type mean?

Flexible schedules allow you to select all of the days and shifts you want to work, giving you greater flexibility in picking your schedule. You will see a yellow-banded “flexible schedule” assignment type to indicate which positions have flexible schedules and the total shifts available to build your schedule.

After you select the shifts that work for you, you may be assigned some or all of those shifts. You may not be assigned to all of the shifts you select. After you are assigned to shifts, the Workplace is expecting you to work all of those shifts.

How do I select shifts for a “flexible schedule” assignment?

Clicking on a flexible schedule job will bring you to the position detail page, this page provides information about various schedules available, job requirements, certification requirements (if applicable), and the job description. After you click into the position, you can swipe right or left to view different schedules available (or click the right/left arrow on your computer).

If there is a flexible schedule, you will be able to click on “Pick your shifts”. This will open a calendar view to show you the start/end times and the wage associated with each individual day.

To select the days you want to work, simply click on the available days (available days have a blue border) and then click “Get these shifts”. Next, review and confirm the shifts you selected are the shifts you want.

How do I know which shifts can be selected? Why can’t I select some shifts?

You can select shifts which have a blue outline. If a shift has red diagonal lines, it means there is a schedule conflict for a shift you’re assigned to work. If a shift becomes gray, it means there is schedule conflict for a shift you’ve selected.

How do I switch between Map View and List View?

You can switch between view options by tapping the “Map” or “List” button on the top right of your screen. To learn more about the map view, click here.

What does it mean if a job has a certification required badge?

Some jobs on the Bluecrew app may require Crew Members to provide certification in order to work in those positions. When Workplaces indicate a certification requirement, Crew Members are required to confirm they have a non-expired certification, upload proof of the certification, and bring a copy of the certification with them to every shift of their assignment. To learn more about required certifications, click here.

How do I select a schedule for a position?

After you click into the position, you can swipe right or left to view different schedules available (or click the right/left arrow on your computer). To select the schedule, click onto the schedule and then click “Get this job” for Fixed Schedules or “Pick Your Shifts” for Flexible schedules. We will ask you to confirm the schedule before you can complete the next step.

What happens if I click not for me?

After you click “Not for me”, we will take additional action depending on the reason provided.



Company, Location, or Type of Work

All jobs for this Position will be removed from your Find Work page.

Schedule won’t work or Wage won’t work

The schedule selected when you click “Not for me” will be removed, but you could still select other schedules for this Position and receive notifications for jobs under this Position.

You will only be able to select this option for Fixed Schedules.

Why don't I see any jobs in my area?

Jobs can be competitive and fill quickly. Postings vary depending on the needs of the employers at any given time. The app is setup to show you all available jobs within a 60 mile radius. You can go to Find Work and sort by preference to show upcoming jobs sorted by the detail that is most important to you when choosing an opportunity.

We recommend that you keep your phone notifications on in order to see new opportunities when they are first posted, and have the best chance of getting a spot. To browse for jobs, open the Bluecrew app, click on Dashboard, then click "More Jobs" to get to the "Find Work" area of the app to see all available jobs in your area.

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