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Bluecrew New Hire Process FAQs
Bluecrew New Hire Process FAQs

These are FAQs related to the newest version of the App 7.500.0 version

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How do I start working with Bluecrew?

To get started with Bluecrew, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Blue Crew app for iPhone or Android on the App Store

  2. Log in

  3. Tap the menu (three lines at the top left corner).

  4. Select “Find Work”

  5. Select the job that you like

  6. Tap “Get this job”

Complete the steps indicated on the screen (the app will walk you through these steps as you complete the process.

Steps to complete the application process in app:

  • First, you'll go through our Bluecrew Requirements:

    • Policies and expectations

    • Safety training

    • Provide emergency contact

    • Work authorization: complete I-9 and W-4 forms, provide consent for background check, answer questions and ask a friend/family member to validate your I-9 documents. (See I-9 article for answers about accepted documentation)

    • Provide your COVID-19 vaccination status

  • Next, you'll view Job Requirements

    • Review job requirements - Answer questions to confirm this job is the right fit for you. (This will only be included if there are hard requirements for the job)

    • Review job details

    • Other requirements (This will only be included where applicable and varies per job. It can include: form to sign, document photo to upload, video to watch, quiz to complete, etc)

I'm having trouble getting started.

If you're having problems getting started with the Bluecrew app that you downloaded previously, you may need to update your app to our latest version.

To Update your APP for iPhone

  1. Open the App Store, then tap Today at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.

  3. Scroll down to see pending updates and release notes. Tap Update next to Bluecrew

To Update your APP For Android

  1. From the Play Store Home screen, tap the Menu icon (upper-left)

  2. Tap My apps & games .

  3. Tap Bluecrew

  4. If presented, review App Permissions then tap Accept to proceed with app update.

Can I complete all the registration required prior to accepting a job?

To have a Bluecrew account, you only need to sign up. If you don’t find a job for you after that, remember to check back frequently as employers add new jobs every day. Once you find the right job for you, we will walk you through the steps you need to complete to get the job, which include providing personal information, proving that you are eligible to work in the US, giving background check authorization, reviewing job details, among others.

I didn’t receive my phone verification code after signing up. What should I do?

Verify that the phone number displayed on the “Enter your code” screen is correct.

  1. If it is correct, tap “Edit your phone number or resend the code”, and then tap “next” to resend the code.

  2. If it is not correct, tap “Edit your phone number or resend the code”, edit your phone number on that screen, and then tap “next” to send the code to the updated number

What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is the new app home page that will show you the most relevant information you need to know about your current and future jobs. For example, you can see the jobs you are applying for with the remaining steps you need to take to get them. You can also see the jobs you are already assigned to with their corresponding dress code, and access from it the directions to get to work.

If I provide job type and schedule preferences, will I miss other job opportunities that don’t match those preferences?

We will take your preferences into account to first show you job opportunities that match them but you will be able to see all the job opportunities available for you in the “Find Work” page of the Bluecrew app.

How will I know if I'm on the job?

When you complete all the necessary steps to get the job and no information is pending (e.g. background check, document validation, possible drug testing, etc.), we will assign the job to you and send you an SMS. You can always go to the Bluecrew app to check the status of your job. In the Dashboard, you will see if there are any steps remaining to complete your onboarding, or if you are already assigned to the job.

What if I can't work the first job I signed up for?

If you are still completing steps to get this particular job, you actually are not yet assigned to the job. You can withdraw the application without any penalty by taking the following steps:

  • Tap the menu (three lines at the top left corner)

  • Select “Dashboard”

  • Select “Tap to continue” to access the job you were applying for.

  • Scroll down and tap “Withdraw application”

If you are on this or any other job already, you will have to cancel the job in the app to be able to give others the option to accept this job.

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