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Bluecrew Onboarding: What to Bring
Bluecrew Onboarding: What to Bring
Updated over a week ago

The following is a list of items to have with you at your upcoming in-person Bluecrew Onboarding session.

  1. Your smart-phone

    note - if you do not have a smartphone, we will have tablet available for you to use at the session.

  2. Your password to download new apps on your phone (if you have one)

  3. Your Direct Deposit information

    1. This includes your bank’s name, your bank account number and your bank account routing number.

  4. Your I-9 documentation

    Acceptable I-9 documents: if you have a Passport or Permanent Resident Card, we only need to see one document. Otherwise, we need 2 IDs that have not expired. Examples of acceptable IDs include a photo ID (a Driver's license, government ID, Military card) AND a document that establishes employment authorization, like a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, or employment documentation. Click here for more info on I-9 documentation.

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