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COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination
COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination
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Why are Crew Members required to provide proof of vaccination?

As your employer, Bluecrew is required to follow all workplace rules and regulations from OSHA, the government organization that makes sure all job sites in the US have safe working conditions for all workers. OSHA guidelines must be followed across all states.

How do I submit my proof of vaccination?

First, you need to download the latest version of the app. To do this, click “update” on the dashboard and follow the instructions.

When you select a job that requires COVID vaccination, you will be prompted to upload your proof of vaccination if it is not on your profile.

To add your proof of vaccination:

  • Click “Get this job”

  • Click “COVID vaccination status”

  • Complete questions regarding vaccination status, vaccine type, vaccination dates

  • Upload proof of vaccination

If you are new to Bluecrew, you will be given an option to upload your proof of vaccination during the onboarding process.

I responded that I am not vaccinated/prefer not to disclose, why am I still seeing COVID-19 vaccination prompt in my dashboard/when I apply to new jobs?

If you are not vaccinated or prefer not to disclose, you will continue seeing the option to update in the dashboard or for new job applications, so you can update your vaccination status anytime.

Do I need to upload proof of vaccination for every new job I apply for?

No, if you already submitted your proof of vaccination, you will not have to submit it for new job applications.

Why don't I see the option to upload proof of vaccination?

Make sure you have an updated version of the Bluecrew app. To do this, click “update” on the dashboard or "update app now" and follow the instructions to update the app.

What documents are acceptable proof of vaccination?

Acceptable forms of proof include:

-CDC vaccination card,

-immunization records from a health care provider or pharmacy,

-medical records or state or public health immunization records

How do I know my documents are secure?

We understand there may be concerns about submitting your vaccination proof and want you to know the information is encrypted and stored securely.

Can I access my proof of vaccination after I upload them to Bluecrew?

No, you can’t access the proof of vaccination after uploading.

For additional FAQs regarding vaccine questions at Bluecrew, click here.

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