What is Bluecrew?

Bluecrew is a platform for both temporary and long term jobs.  We connect you directly to top employers all across the United States by sending jobs straight to your app.  We offer opportunities for promotions for our top performers, as well as the flexibility to try out different kinds of jobs to find one that is a good fit!

What is going to be expected of me?

Being a part of Bluecrew means taking personal responsibility for your career.  When you accept a job, show up early and be professional and polite.  Work your hardest to climb the ladder and earn access to the best jobs!  If you accept a job, don’t cancel on it.  The companies we work with are depending on you to keep your word.

What can I expect from Bluecrew?

Bluecrew is an organization where we want all of our employees to increase their earning power and grow into a career.  We will always treat you with respect and dignity, work our hardest to help those who work hard to continue working, and pay you once a week.  We will also always be transparent with you about what it takes to continue moving up through the Bluecrew ranks, and will do everything possible to help you do so!

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