3 Strike Policy
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Things happen. However, when you’re at strike 2, you have every opportunity to improve things and avoid termination after the third offense.


Your employment with Bluecrew will be terminated after three (3) offenses of the following within a rolling 12-month period:

  • Do Not Send Back (DSB) — Bluecrew’s Clients have the option of requesting that certain Crew not be sent back to their workplace(s). The crew member will be removed from the schedule, and the assignment will be ended on the date the DSB is issued. Crew members who receive DSB’s are expected to honor the client’s decision, engage in respectful interactions with Bluecrew teams, and refrain from contacting the client or showing up at the worksite uninvited.

  • Short-Notice Cancellation — As a professional courtesy, we request you provide Bluecrew with a cancellation notice a minimum of 12 hours before your job begins, via canceling the job in your app.

  • Attendance Policy Violations — Tardiness, excessive call-offs, returning from breaks late, requesting days off without prior client approval, leaving early, failure to clock-in and clock-out onsite. Please Note: No-Call-No-Shows are part of our Zero Tolerance Policy and will result in immediate termination

How we calculate the rolling 12-month period: Bluecrew takes into account offenses that occur within the last 12 months. For example, if today’s date is May 5, 2020, Bluecrew looks backward 12 months from today’s date to count the number of recorded job-related offenses. In this example, the 12-month disciplinary period is from May 6, 2019 through May 5, 2020.

If you have any additional questions about the 3-strike policy, please reach out using the Help area of the app.

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