If you are attempting to create an account and receive an error that your phone number or email is already in use, follow these steps. 

First and foremost, make sure that you have never created another account with BlueCrew before. 

If your email is already in use, try logging in. 

If you forgot your password, use that email that is in use to get your password reset, please follow the steps for resetting your password

If you are unable to login, please reach out to our Support Team via your app with the following information: 

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Issue occurring (e.g./ phone number is already in use):

Please also share any other information so we can fix this issue for you quickly. 


Please note: If you have been previously terminated and are attempting to create or have created duplicate accounts in order to circumvent the dismissal/termination then your new account(s) will be deactivated as you are still no longer eligible for employment with BlueCrew.

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