In order to be hired with BlueCrew, we need to see forms of identification to ensure you are eligible to work in the US (for the I-9 form). 

If you have a Passport or Permanent Resident Card (list A documents), we only need to see one document, otherwise we need two IDs that have not expired. 

If you don't have a list A document, the two forms of ID we will need include: 

1 - Photo ID (below are the most common examples)

  • Driver's license or government ID*

  • Military card


2 - A document that establishes employment authorization  (below are the most common examples)

  • Social Security Card

  • Birth Certificate

  • Employment Authorization Document

See the document below to see all the documents that we accept:

Please see the list above for acceptable forms of ID for the I9. If you need additional assistance, please see here:

*Please note that a DMV printout cannot be accepted in lieu of a driver's license or government ID.

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