When you arrive at work, hit the "Clock In" button in the app. When you are finished, be sure to Clock Out when the job is finished. In addition, if you are taking a lunch break, make sure to use the app to clock in and out for lunch. Some sites may have a separate sign-in sheet. Be aware, your account will be flagged if you try to clock in or out if you are not at the job site, so please make sure you’re there. We do check this, and attempting to cheat the system by clocking in or out at home or on the highway is grounds for termination.

To be able to clock-in and out for a shift, please make sure:

  • You have location services enabled.
  • You charge your phone the night before.
  • You are scheduled for a job on your phone

If you are unable to clock in our out, please send all of the following to Live Support: 

  • Company Name:
  • Date:
  • Time In:
  • Time Out:
  • Lunch In:
  • Lunch Out: 
  • Supervisor Name:
  • The reason you are unable to clock in/out on the app: 

Please make to send in screenshots to help us document where your app is preventing you from clocking in. Make sure you provide all of the information as any lacking information can delay approval. 

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