*Failure to adhere to any of these policies will result in disciplinary action*


·      No sweatpants, leggings, jeggings, shorts, tank tops, pajamas.

·      No sagging or underwear exposed

·      Shoes must be toe and heel closed, and preferably slip resistant for safety reasons.

·      Hoop earrings, and other long dangly jewelry, are not permitted.

·      No painted or artificial nails are permitted if packaging food. 

* Failure to follow dress code policy may result in employee being sent home without pay *


·      Be respectful to your supervisors and coworkers.

·      You are responsible for clocking in and out for lunch.

·      Be aware of your surroundings – safety first!

·      The use of foul language, name calling or use of derogatory slang, is not permitted (anywhere on property).

·      Cell phones are NOT to be used during working hours, including texting, use of ear bud, head phones, or blue tooth. Phones may only be used during permitted breaks. Also, do not unplug any equipment to charge your phone.

·      No food or open containers on the warehouse floor. Eating and drinking is only permitted in break rooms.

·      Communication is key! Please inform a supervisor and BlueCrew about any issues right away so that we can help you.

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