You are looking for a job. All employers want to hire people who are respectful, professional, and can have business-like acumen (in person and via profile photos, etc).

This means:

-No party selfies or group photos with your friends, family or pets (even if they are partially cropped out)

-No extremely old photos (clients should be able to recognize you in person from your photo)

-No inappropriate gestures

-No complete or partial nudity (no shirtless selfies)

-No visible smoking, drug or alcohol paraphernalia

-No stock photos of nature, animals, babies, cartoons, logos, blank images, etc.

-No social media filters or avatars (ie, no bitmoji, no animal/beauty filters on your face)

-No photos of other people

The only thing you should choose is a photo of YOU, by yourself, looking professional.

Using someone else's photo and pretending it is your own is unacceptable, unprofessional and is considered lying/misrepresentation.

Going against any of these guidelines will be subject to discipline/dismissal after an administrative review and deactivation of your account. Thank you in advance for following the rules and policies of Bluecrew.

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