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Rehire Guidelines (Rejoining Bluecrew)
Rehire Guidelines (Rejoining Bluecrew)

Here are the guidelines for being rehired at Bluecrew if you have previously been separated or terminated with Bluecrew.

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Crew Members That Previously Left While In Good Standing

All Crew Members who previously left without any active disciplinary action on their account are welcome to apply for rehire after 90 days. Crew Members will still need to go through the entire recruiting process, including the interview, background screening, and completing on-boarding new hire forms.

Crew Members That Previously Left Due To Termination Or Had Disciplinary Actions Taken

You will not be eligible for rehire if you have received a message from Support or HR that states a previous separation decision is final. Please review the Bluecrew Rules (including our Zero Tolerance Policy and Three Strikes Rule) for further clarification regarding ineligibility for rehire.

Please note: If you have been previously terminated and are attempting to create or have created duplicate accounts in order to circumvent the dismissal/termination then your new account(s) will be deactivated as you are still no longer eligible for employment with Bluecrew.

Please be advised duplicate accounts are strictly against company policy. Doing so is subject to an Administrative review of your current account (newly or successfully created). If it is found that you were previously terminated from Bluecrew then we will deactivate your duplicate account.

We want to give every individual the equal opportunity to successfully establish a career through our platform and those that are found going against policy are only taking that opportunity away from other individuals that would otherwise be the right fit to the company. Please take this into consideration when spending your time creating another account in order to get around the rules. Thank you.

Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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