Payroll and tax information is only visible on the web version of the Paylocity Self-Service Portal for new Crew Members. Please be sure you are accessing the portal by going to

Payroll and tax information will be visible on the mobile app after you have been issued your first paycheck.

1. Access the Paylocity Portal via

2. Click "Register New User" in the bottom right

3. For company ID, you will need to enter "125190" - SAVE THIS NUMBER as you will be asked for the Company ID every time you log in to the Paylocity Self-Service Portal.

Enter your personal information (last name, SSN and zipcode) EXACTLY as you entered it when you completed your New Hire Paperwork for Bluecrew. Click "I'm not a robot" and follow on-screen instructions to complete the reCAPTCHA, then press "Continue".

3a. If you get the following error, there is a chance you made a typo on your New Hire Paperwork when entering this information. Please be sure you have entered all information, including the Company ID correctly and notify us using the "Help" area of the Bluecrew app if you still get the error, being sure to include what information you are trying to submit, so we can compare it to what appears on your New Hire Paperwork for typos.

4. Choose a username and password. Verify your email is showing correctly and hit "Continue". Complete creating 3 security questions to finish registration.

A confirmation will appear and you will be taken back to the login screen.

5. Enter company ID 125190, your username and password and check the box for "Remember my username" if you want to be able to login faster in the future.

You will then be asked one of your security questions. Be sure you check "Trust this device" if you want to skip this step in the future. Uncheck "Trust this device" if you're on a device you don't want your login information saved on this device.

6. At this point, you should be logged in. To view pay information or modify your tax withholding elections, click "Employees" then select "Employee Payroll File"

7. To modify tax elections, select the "Payroll Setup" tab, then click "Taxes".

-Click the link for "FITW - Federal Income Tax" to adjust your Federal W4 to make adjustments to federal withholding elections.

-Click the name of each state or local tax form that appears in the State and Local taxes section to make adjustments to state and local withholding elections.

If you are wanting to change your status to exempt, please read this article to understand what 'going exempt' means. Please note: to request this change in the Paylocity self-service portal, you would set your "Extra Withholding" to "Blocked." There is not a check-box or setting that uses the word 'exempt,' so we are providing this additional context in case this is the change you are trying to make but aren't sure how to do it in Paylocity.

8. To view 2021 W2s and/or paystubs issued after Jan 1, 2021, go to the Pay tab and select either "Current Check"/"Check History" or "Tax Forms". Paylocity will only show paystubs issued in 2021 and beyond. You can still check paystubs issued in 2020 or earlier directly through the Bluecrew app or at by going to ACCOUNT>PAYROLL once logged in, or by looking through your email history as your paystubs are emailed to you every week.

Important Note about W-2s: The Tax Forms section (under the Pay tab) will only display W2s for 2021 and beyond, as we switched to Paylocity on January 2021. If you worked for us in 2020 or earlier and need a copy of an earlier W2 from Vensure, please use this Guide to access Vensure's Vfficient Self Service Portal and download directly from Vensure.

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