What is the Pre-Shift Huddle?

The Pre-Shift Huddle is a 5 minute virtual meeting where crew members will meet with a member of the Bluecrew team. The pre-shift provides important information to help you successfully start your first shift!

What if I can't make it to the Pre-Shift Huddle before my shift start time?

We do our best to have huddles each day to account for crew that have new start with a short lead time, and they are only 5 minutes! If you cannot make any of the times, you can elect to watch the pre-recorded video that you received in your email.

What if I have questions about my job?

If you have questions specifically about your role or job specific details, make sure to write into support in the 'Help' section of the app or ask your supervisor once on the job.

How do I attend the session?

You will be joining via Google Meet which is a free video chat application. You can use the Meet app with any Google account, such as a G Suite account or an @gmail.com account. If you don't have a gmail account you can create a free account by going to this page (search create gmail account)

On a Phone

  • Download the Google Meet App, enter the meeting code that is sent to you via email, select "Ask to Join" at the start time of the meeting

On a Computer

  • Open the chat message or email with the meeting link > click the meeting link > Select Ask to Join at the start time of the meeting

If you are in an environment where you cannot be on video or there is noise surrounding you, feel free to go on mute or turn off your video. We will be presenting a short deck. Grabbing headphones or going into a quiet place will be helpful so you can follow along!

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