⚒️ Preparation for the workplace
Make sure to review the job description and arrival instructions, and any messages you receive prior to your job start. You should be prepared to perform the tasks and requirements listed.

🚌 Plan your commute
Locate where the job location is, and plan reliable transportation. Arriving early on your first day is key to making sure you can make a great first impression!

🛬 Arriving in on-site & Clocking In
Make sure to review arrival instructions and introduce yourself to the supervisor once you arrive. You can then clock in on your Bluecrew app to get the day started. More information on clocking in and out is in this article.

⏰ Attendance
We expect that crew members will show up to the jobs they accept and adhere to the schedule outlined. Should something occur that prevents you from showing up for your shift, be sure to cancel in the app. Remember that a no call no show will result in automatic termination from Bluecrew and any jobs on our platform. Please review all of our attendance policies in our FAQs.

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