Having low points will not harm your reputation or account on BlueCrew. If your points do go down or all the way to zero you can still work for us, it will just take longer to obtain potential BlueCrew leadership positions. The idea is, even you decide to take over 15 days off from BlueCrew jobs, you don't lose that many points (working a weekend or two shifts will return you to your previous status).

We want to reward the team members who decide to build a career with us and the opportunity to advance and grow with the company! If you decide to continue the part-time work that's awesome as well, it will just take longer to get promoted but you will still be making money and building an awesome reputation.

Join the BlueCrew team to start accepting job offers straight from your phone. BlueCrew connects you directly to employers to find you jobs that fit your schedule and passions. Work with us and grow your RESUME while you work and make money! 

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