In order to cancel a job that you have accepted, you must provide us with a 16-hour cancellation notice. Failing to do will automatically suspend your account for 4 days, no matter the circumstance.

Please note, the 16 hours window refers to the first shift of a job. This means that if you canceled a three-day assignment after working the first day, even if it's more than 16 hours until the second shift, your account will be suspended.

Also please note, canceling a single job will cancel the entire schedule for that job. If you need to take a day off, please see our policy on taking a day off. Please remember, it is unacceptable to request a day off for short-term jobs (under 2 weeks) for non-urgent reasons.

If you are on a long-term assignment and you need to cancel or call in sick, you must write to Help via your app or at Failing to do so will be deemed as a no call no show.

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