We strongly believe that everyone should be able to work based completely on their own schedule and interests. We believe that all of our work spaces should be positive, safe and and happy place to go to work at. We work diligently on all issues as we work with thousands of other employees as well. With all being said, the following policies are to ensure that BlueCrew is fair to everybody on our system, and to ensure that there are always enough jobs for everyone.


You will be immediately dismissed/terminated for:

  • Failing to show up to a job that you accept
  • Showing up to a job under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Walking off a job site before the shift is over without the direct permission of the supervisor on duty
  • Any reports of disrespect (I.E. Foul language, yelling at another, etc) to the supervisor, as reported by the employer/client/client personnel  or a BlueCrew Team Leader, this includes disrespectfully writing into Help, or to any other team member of BlueCrew. 
  • False reports of misconduct are grounds for dismissal as well. This is based on an investigation into the report itself.
  • Lack of professionalism when working with any BlueCrew employee, whether through Help, with a co-worker, a team lead, etc. 
  • Harassment of ANY kind.  
  • Dishonesty with timestamps, clocking in/out offsite (without a valid explanation).
  • Attempted wage theft this includes lying about working and it being reported to us by the client that you were never present. You will then be terminated for this immediately. 


You will be suspended for one week for:

  • Showing up late to a job, as reported by the employer or a BlueCrew Team Leader
  • Canceling on a job that you have accepted less than 16 hours of the posted start time
  • Any reports of poor performance on the job, as reported by the employer or a BlueCrew Team Leader

Understand that we are here to help and committing any of these can result in having your account placed under and an administrative review which can take up to but not guaranteed 4-6 weeks. 

Thank you in advance for staying compliant with the rules and policies of BlueCrew. 

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