I began working with BlueCrew without any expectations, I just wanted to work. After my first week of work, I realized that I had a much greater opportunity on my hands than I could’ve imagined. I saw how BlueCrew went about staffing and I knew that this agency was superior to any other agency I'd worked for in the past.I became motivated by the point structure, the opportunities for advancement, and the opportunity to receive raises. Once I saw how easy it would be to attain a raise, I became excited and I focused my energy on building my profile.

It wasn’t long before I developed a plan to zoom through the advancement structure. I began to plot on how I could maximize my points earned by taking jobs strategically. I would take multiple jobs in a day, switch up the company's who I worked with (to obtain favorites), and work virtually every day. I was motivated by moving up, but the overtime and hefty paychecks helped keep me going as well.

I worked as much as I could and it wasn't long before my work was noticed. I was contacted by BlueCrew staff, they congratulated and thanked me for all of my hard work. It meant a lot to me to see that my efforts had been noticed. It wasn't long before I'd reached 250 points and became eligible to apply for the Team Lead position.

I was accepted to be a Team Lead with BlueCrew and my experiences have been more than rewarding ever since. I've been able to supervise my peers and lead from a position of understanding, giving staff someone who knows what they were going through to confide in. It feels good to speak with staff before they begin a shift; I enjoy giving words of reassurance and encouragement to coworkers. I have also gained a lot of confidence in my personal ability to lead since beginning to work as a Team Lead. I've enjoyed every bit of working as a Lead, but the best opportunity I've had is the ability to share the opportunities BlueCrew offers with others.

After working as Team Lead for a few months, I worked closely with the wonderful HR team. This experience has provided me the opportunity to utilize my skill set in ways that I hadn't previously. I've gained the confidence to speak in front of random groups of people (Candidates) and now I approach the task without fear. I've also been able to help with recruiting efforts. I've led a few recruiting sessions and have had the opportunity to work at a job fair representing BlueCrew.

I love BlueCrew and value all of the opportunities which this company has afforded me. I appreciate our staff for equipping me to be successful and believing in me. I never imagined getting all of the experience I've attained with BlueCrew at one company. BlueCrew is truly an amazing platform to develop as a leader and the staff is eager to give employees the opportunity to blossom. I truly value every step of my journey with BlueCrew and I love knowing that the opportunity is available for others to develop in the same way. This business plan is phenomenal! 

I eventually grew with the company and into a role at BlueCrew's HQ and I am proud to say I am now Sr. Recruiter helping bring on the new talent in the Bay Area. Hope to see you at one of our interview/orientation sessions. 

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