This is a challenging time, but we are here to support you. As Bluecrew responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our Crew Members and clients remains our top priority.  As an employee of Bluecrew, you automatically accrue paid sick leave hours by working with us, which may be applied to certain absences related to COVID-19.  In addition to that benefit, we are also providing additional financial relief to Crew Members who depend on Bluecrew for income if they are diagnosed with or ordered to quarantine due to COVID-19.  Qualification details for this relief, and other helpful information can be found below. 


To  address COVID-19 and its impact on our Crew Members and their families, Bluecrew is offering financial relief to eligible Crew Members. Any COVID-19 Paid Leave provided under this policy is separate from, and in addition to, Bluecrew’s existing Sick Leave benefits. Crew Members remain eligible to use any available Sick Leave pursuant to that policy.


All Crew Members who: 

• Are diagnosed as positive with COVID-19, or

• Are ordered to quarantine by a healthcare professional due to COVID-19; and

• Worked each of the 4 preceding workweeks prior to the first date of absence from scheduled work; and

• Worked, on average, at least 20 hours each of those workweeks.

Hours and Rate of Pay

Bluecrew will provide an eligible Crew Member the number of hours of COVID-19 Paid Leave that is equal to the number of hours that the Crew Member worked, on average, over a two-week period (calculated by averaging hours worked in the four (4) preceding workweeks), up to a maximum of eighty (80) hours. For example, if an eligible Crew Member worked on average 32 hours per workweek during the preceding 4 workweeks, the Crew Member would be entitled to 64 hours of COVID-19 Paid Leave.  

The rate of pay for eligible Crew Members will be based on the base hourly rate of their last assignment preceding their leave.

Requesting and Utilizing COVID-19 Paid Leave

If you think you are eligible for COVID-19 Paid Leave, please contact Bluecrew support through the Bluecrew app or by email at

 Crew Members requesting COVID-19 Paid Leave must provide documentation of diagnosis or recommendation from a healthcare professional of a need to quarantine, and must make their request within 30 days of receiving such diagnosis or recommendation. Before being released to return to work, Crew Members must provide a Fitness for Duty Certification Form.

 COVID-19 Paid Leave must be taken continuously - it is intended to be used once, not for multiple periods of time off work.

 Absences covered by this policy will be excused absences and will not apply towards any Bluecrew attendance policy.


Intersection with Other Benefits

COVID-19 Paid Leave provided under this policy will be used to satisfy any COVID-19 benefits mandated by federal, state or local leave law. To the extent permitted by law, time off under this policy will run concurrently with any leave required under any applicable federal, state or local leave laws. Bluecrew will comply with applicable law in jurisdictions and provide the greatest employee benefit between any newly enacted laws and our current policies.

If federal, state or local government provides paid time off benefits relating to COVID-19, Bluecrew will offset the amount of any government benefits from the COVID-19 Sick Leave provided under this policy. For example, if Washington determines that the State will provide its workers with forty (40) hours of paid time off for a COVID-19 related reason, Crew Members working in Washington will only be eligible for forty (40) hours of COVID-19 Sick Leave under this policy (or, in the case of the example above of a Crew Member entitled to 64 hours of paid leave, they would still be entitled to 64 total hours - 40 hours from the State of Washington and 24 hours from this Bluecrew policy) . 

Discipline for Unprotected Use

Discipline – up to and including termination – may be taken against an employee who uses or attempts to use COVID-19 Paid Leave for a purpose not covered by, or in a manner not consistent with, this policy. If you have any questions as to whether or not you qualify, please contact Bluecrew support. 

No Retaliation

The Company will not retaliate, or tolerate retaliation, against any Crew Member who seeks or obtains COVID-19 Paid Leave under this policy.


Termination of Employment

Unused COVID-19 Paid Leave will not be paid out at termination of employment. 

Automatic Expiration of Policy

Bluecrew reserves the right to amend, modify, suspend, terminate or revoke this policy at any time in its sole discretion. Unless the company exercises that right, this policy will automatically expire effective July 1, 2020. Unused COVID-19 Paid Leave will not be paid out on expiration or termination or revocation of this policy.

Questions and Contacts

If you have questions or need more information about this policy, contact Bluecrew Help through the Bluecrew app or by email at


Your absence for the reason of self-isolating, caring for children not in school, or immediate family members at risk, will not count against your attendance record or eligibility to work for Bluecrew - no penalties apply. If you have an accrued balance of paid sick leave hours, you can apply them for missed work.

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