If you’re working at a site that has a Bluecrew Terminal clocking in is super easy! You will be using your phone to clock in, but looking at the Terminal to get the code to allow you to clock in.

  • Find the terminal on the worksite and open the Bluecrew app on your phone

  • Click on today’s job in your phone, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Clock In’

  • You’ll be prompted to enter the 4 digit code you see on the terminal screen and hit ‘Clock in’

That’s it, you’re clocked in!

If you are missing your phone you can use the ‘No Phone’ option on the terminal - just click on your name and enter the last 4 digits of your phone number.

If you are not receiving a 4 digit code to log in, your phone number may be incorrect on your profile. Be sure to edit your number in the app to successfully use the terminal on your next shift.

If you don’t see yourself on the schedule, choose ‘Help’ in the app and let us know immediately. Take a photo of any error you are seeing and upload it along with the time you arrived for work. 

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