What is the Resume feature?

Resume is a BlueCrew feature that compiles your profile information and BlueCrew work history to provide you with a full resume, complete with your skills, certifications, work experience, and other useful information.

How does this feature help me?

This feature represents your professional career as best as possible for your career at BlueCrew. Employers on the BlueCrew platform will be able to see your resume and determine whether you are the right fit for the job! 

What information is shown?

The information you provided in your BlueCrew profile and your history working with us is used to create a personalized resume just for you. Because we want to represent your skills and career history positively, your Approval Ranking and Shifts Worked will be highlighted on your resume unless it is lower than the 70th percentile.

How can I edit my BlueCrew Resume or make it better?

You can edit your biography and personal information on your resume by updating your BlueCrew Profile at any time (which you should be doing- that’s what employers see when you work for them!). To improve your BlueCrew generated metrics and skills, work more shifts and develop your career to see these show up in your resume.

Where do I find the resume feature in the app?

Go to "Account" and click the resume tab

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