If you need to make changes to your account, no worries! You are able to make these changes in our app. Please follow the steps below:

(1) Open the Side Menu ☰, tap Account

Once completed you will get to this screen depending on the change you need to make please refer to the different set of instructions below.

For phone or address changes:

(1) Click the pencil icon on the screen:

(2) Enter the necessary changes in the text box for either phone or address and click Save.

(3) Once completed you will see this message at the bottom of your app.

(4) Our team will screen and make these changes as soon as possible.
(5) If you do not see your information updated then feel free to write into Help

For email changes:

(1) Please write into Help since you cannot submit a request through the Account tab.
(2) Once you message a representative we will need to verify your identity.
(3) After verifying your identity we will make the change. 

Note: This will change your username. Be sure to use the updated email when logging in to access your account.

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