If an injury occurs while working for Bluecrew, you must report the injury to Bluecrew and call AKOS, our injury hotline provider, immediately and no later than 24 hours after it happens.

If this is a life or limb-threatening injury immediately call 911.

Call AKOS prior to seeking any treatment for non-life-threatening injuries before going to the clinic or hospital.


The injured employee notifies the supervisor of the incident.


The injured employee should immediately call AKOS Telemedicine, using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop when possible. Call toll-free at 1-833-222-7080.


AKOS gathers pertinent information and guides the injured employee to appropriate care.


AKOS immediately notifies the medical facility that the injured employee is arriving and sends incident reports to the employer.

After you are seen by a medical provider for this injury, please send us a copy of your medical status note along with their contact information using this Incident Report Form HERE.

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