New bag policy for 2019 season:

No bags will be allowed, this means ANY bag. That's right, not even clear bags. We won't have access to lockers, so Oracle Park has specified that associates should only bring the items that they can fit in their pockets. BlueCrew and Oracle are not responsible for any lost or stolen items you bring with you when this was clearly stated to not bring items you cannot fit in your pocket.


  • ALL black shoes (logos must be black as well)

  • ALL white collared shirt

  • ALL black pants (No jeans, leggings or jeggings)

You will be sent home if you do not match the criteria and the job will be given to the next person willing to follow the rules. (Show up pay will not be permitted for those turned away).

Where to meet:
We will be meeting on the left side of the park, at the 2nd St and King St intersection. Walk toward the pier on second street and you will see a group of our associates in the area where the star is located in the pic below. Please find your supervisor and get into alphabetical order to expedite entry into the stadium.

Please note: If you smell of any drugs or alcohol you will be turned away and potentially placed on an administrative review.

There is a parking lot (Lot A) next to the park, with an entrance at 3rd St and Channel St. The fee is $15 to park. The metered parking surrounding the park costs about $7/hr, so if you're going to drive, Lot A may be your best option. It may be cheaper to park a few blocks away and Uber in.

Public Transportation:

From Eastbay: Take BART to Embarcadero station, exit, then catch the elevator to the Muni level.

Muni directions from Embarcadero:

Take the KT Sunnydale & Bayshore train or N Caltrain Ballpark train to 2nd St and King St. When in doubt follow everyone in black and orange, fans and employees alike, will be heading to the park, so just follow the crowd if you're uncertain of how to navigate the Muni. Be sure to exit at 2nd St and King St, the station depicted below.

Other than that, have a good time and please understand that you are repping BlueCrew so show them that we are the best! 

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