1. Make sure that you have our app downloaded to your phone.
  2. Click this link www.bluecrewjobs.com/onboard.html and you'll be able to finish the following steps.

You will immediately receive a prompt to finish your profile that looks like this (If you don't see this, log out, then log back into your account) :

2)  After agreeing to finish your profile, you will be brought to this screen to sign our offer letter and give us some general info about you:

3) You will then be brought to a screen that prompts you to enter your tax info for the year:

4) After you've input tax info, you will be asked to input your SSN number and your full name, then approve us to run a background check on you:

5) Upon completing these steps you will be asked to provide an electronic signature to finalize the process.
6) Once you complete your background check (usually quick, but can take up to 14 days) you will then be notified. You will then start receiving jobs! Good luck and welcome to the Crew!

If you continue to have problems please use the CONTACT SUPPORT tab in your app for more help, we can reset it so you can start over. 

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