Requesting a day off is reserved for jobs that last longer than two weeks. In order to request a day off for non-urgent reasons, the request must be placed by the first day of the job and you must receive permission from the supervisor. It is strongly advised to not accept a job which interferes with personal matters as the supervisor may not approve the time off.

It is unacceptable to request a day off from a short-term job (under two weeks) for non-urgent reasons. You must cancel the job on your app and face the penalties associated with cancellation. Please note, canceling a job after the first shift will result in a 4-day suspension. 

If you need to take a day off for urgent matters, such as sudden sickness, please call your supervisor and send in a doctor’s note to BlueCrew to prevent any penalties on your account. 

To request a day off, you simply click on the job you'd like to request a day off of, scroll to the bottom of the post and then hit request a day off.

When notifying BlueCrew of taking a day off, please provide the following:

  • Company Name:

  • Date Requested Off: 

  • Reason for taking the day off: 

  • Supervisor’s Name:

  • Did you get supervisor’s approval?

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