Before reporting a missing check, please review our payroll timeline here. Please also wait until the following Wednesday to report a missing check. 

Remember, the latest you can expect your check is the Wednesday AFTER the expected pay date on the previous Friday. While most people receive their checks on Friday or Saturday, there are occasional delays in the mail service and it is completely out of BlueCrew's control to speed up the process. 

If you believe your check is missing, please submit the following information to Help:

  • Which payment method you were expecting this week?

  • Which Friday did you expect the check or direct deposit to arrive?

  • What was the amount on the paycheck?

  • What is your correct address?

 We understand these matters are urgent and will handle these submissions with urgency. Please do not submit a request until the Wednesday after your check was intended to arrive. 

In addition, you can sign up for direct deposit here to guarantee payments on Friday. 

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