Every Wednesday end of day, BlueCrew sends out a payroll email that contains important information as well as your paystub.

Any questions about your pay? You can view your pay stub and your weekly timestamps here: bluecrewjobs.com/app.html#!/pay/user/.

If you never received the email, please make sure that your email is entered correctly on the app. In addition, please check your spam folder and promotions tab (on Gmail).  
If you notice your email is incorrect, you can change it in the app and HR will verify the change within several days.

You can write to Help requesting an individual pay stub if you cannot locate it in your email or your app.

Please keep in mind that a public holiday may affect the time payroll emails will be sent out on Wednesdays, and that in certain payroll periods you may receive multiple pay stubs for the same week's hours. They will all come by the end of day Thursday and they will all pay out on the regular payday even if you receive multiple pay stubs in the same week.

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