How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

There are two ways you can sign up for direct deposit. We highly recommend everyone sign up for direct deposit to get paid faster!

  1. Follow this link:

  1. You can also sign up directly in your app by going to your sidebar > Account > Payroll > Click "Add Direct Deposit"

You will be able to directly login to your bank account and link your direct deposit. If you cannot find your bank there is a link on the same page where you manually enter your bank information where it says "click here to manually add your account information"

If you are on direct deposit, will get paid the Friday following the pay period you worked (see pay period article)

How do I change my Direct Deposit account?

Please click "Use new bank account" to change your direct deposit account. Please note that this will only change your account moving forward and we will not be able to reverse any processed payments.

How long will it take for my Direct Deposit to be active?

If you enroll before the end of the current pay period, you will be paid on direct deposit for that pay period. If you enroll after the pay period ends, you will be paid on direct deposit for the following pay period. 

Invalid Direct Deposit Accounts

If the direct deposit account we have on file for you has returned in our system as invalid, you will need to  re-sign for direct deposit with a valid account using this link in order to receive direct deposits. If you don't have another account, you will default to paper checks.

Reasons for account returns:

  • Your account number does not correspond with your personal information identified when entering your information. You will need to use an account that is in your name.

  • Your bank does not allow ACH transactions

  • Your bank has refused payment

  • Your account is closed or frozen 

How do I go back to checks / remove my direct deposit?

Please reach out to us directly via the Help tab of your app to request to remove your direct deposit account completely and to go back to checks.

Please see this article on how BlueCrew's pay period works

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