At BlueCrew, you accumulate sick hours for every hour you put in a job. In order to utilize your sick days, you must: 

  • Be employed with BlueCrew for at least 90 days. 
  • Work 30 shifts.
  • Have accrued enough sick time to cover your absence (no partial covers) 
  • Be scheduled for a job on the day in question 
  • Notify your supervisor for approval at least 2 hours prior to the job.  
  • Send in a written time request to support at least 2 hours prior to the job start time.
  • Job must be longer than 2 days 

Remember, you must call your supervisor on the job post anytime you are unable to make it into work. The number will be on the posting or you can reach them through 'CrewChat' If it is a short-term assignment, please cancel the job on the app so someone on the waitlist can work the job. Please note, accounts are automatically suspended for canceling a job within 16 hours of the start time of the first shift. However, when you submit a doctor's note, your suspension will be reversed.

If job is over 3 days long you must submit a valid and clear photo of a doctor's note. (Any Suspicious documentation will be reviewed thoroughly).

 If you need to use a sick day, please submit ALL of the following to Support.

  • Company and Job Name
  • Date requested off.
  • Supervisor's Name.
  • Did you contact your supervisor for approval at least 2 hours before the job start time (yes/no)? 
  • Did you send BlueCrew a written request at least 2 hours before the job start time (yes/no)?  

If you need more information on canceling a job, please see the article "What if I cannot work a job I accepted."  

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