We get it, writing an amazing cover letter can be tough so we have implemented the AMAZING BIO feature! Your bio should be 2-4 sentences about you and your work. 

Bio Structure:

Sentence 1-2: Who you are and what you have done so far in your career.

This will include the industries you have worked in and your years of experience.

Sentence 3: What you enjoyed about your career so far.

      Maybe it was the consistency of your previous jobs or that you were able to work in various departments.

Sentence 4: Where you want your career to go.

       This is where you showcase what you can do for the team you're working with. Are you wanting further career training?Do you want to work towards a promotion? Maybe you're wanting experience in another field?

Bluecrew gives you the platform to create a career and job you love! Your Bio and Resume help you get to where you want to go.

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