If there is a specific uniform that needs to be worn while working a shift, the uniform will be detailed in the Job Description. It is very important that you read the complete job description and have the uniform required before accepting the shift.  Canceling a job because you don't have the required uniform will possibly suspend your account.

Stadium Uniform: Either a white polo or long sleeve dress shirt, with black pants (absolutely no jeans), and solid black non-slip shoes. Shoes cannot have colored logos or colored soles. 


Catering Uniform (Black Bistro or French Black Bistro): Black long sleeve dress shirt, black dress pants, black belt, black non-slip shoes. Uniform may also require a tie, vest, or bowtie.

No Uniform Stated: Comfortable clothes and shoes that will protect you from moving parts, boxes, and other moving objects.  Clothes cannot have offensive logos, drug or alcohol paraphernalia, or offensive phrases.


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