How do I sign up for an orientation?

We get this question a lot. Many of the people who write in have either failed the initial application, haven't completed the initial application, are not aware that they can use the app to sign up for orientation, or need their accounts reinstated.  

If you have just submitted an application with BlueCrew, HR will reach out to inform you whether you are selected to come to an orientation or not. It can take up to a week for HR to review applications.  

If you are not selected to proceed with the hiring process, you will be able to reapply to BlueCrew in 90 days from the date you submitted your application.  

 If you signed up with BlueCrew before the application process was implemented, please write Live Support requesting your account to be reinstated.  

If you've submitted an application and have been approved, you can sign up for an orientation directly on your app. If no orientations are showing up on your app, it may mean that there are no orientations in your area for that week. Not to worry – we post new orientations every week, so make sure to check on your app.  

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