To qualify for the $0.25 raise you need to have the following:

  • 150 BlueCrew Points
  • Worked at minimum 4 different BlueCrew client locations
  • No 'Do not Send' marks (exceptions can be made with approval)
  • 4.3+ overall rating
  • No short notice cancellations within prior 60 days- Favorite at minimum 2 locations
  • Must have demonstrated proper use of the app (ex/ consistently remembering to use the app to clock in and out for a job).
  • Amazing BlueCrew work ethic
  • Be reviewed in overall performance

If you qualify, you should then write in to live support and the HR Team will then review your account and work history and apply the raise if you qualify.

To maintain this promotion and all of its perks, all requirements regarding points, behavior, and performance must stay above the minimal requirement. If these requirements deplete over time, this promotion will be revoked and you will no longer receive these perks.

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